Vacation Rental Insurance Protects Your Investment – And Your Income

Vacation Rental Insurance Protects Your Investment – And Your Income

When you decided to rent your vacation property to travelers looking for an alternative to hotel stays, you also made the decision to go into business for yourself. While you may not think of yourself as a business owner, you are. And, as a business owner, it’s important to have sufficient commercial insurance coverage protecting your investment.

Is Your Vacation Rental Business Protected from Circumstances Beyond Your Control?

If you are like many people who rent out their vacation homes, you probably depend on the rental income your property generates to help meet monthly mortgage and property tax expenses and to cover regular maintenance and repairs. But, what would happen if a renter’s negligence or an unforeseen disaster caused so much damage that your vacation property was uninhabitable for an extended period of time?

The short answer is that if you have adequate commercial vacation rental property insurance and you experience a covered loss under the policy, your income will continue while repairs are being made. If you’re relying on homeowners’ policies, that’s typically not the case.

Vacation Rental Insurance Defends You Against Guest-Related Losses, Including Lost Income

Commercial rental property coverage is insurance designed to protect property owners from losses that can arise while renters are occupying their vacation properties or when those properties are vacant. Just as is the case with other commercial insurance policies that provide coverage for loss of income when a business is shut down due to a covered peril, vacation rental property coverage also includes loss of income coverage.

This means that if a covered loss occurs, the insurance company will pay both the cost of repairing your property and the income you’re unable to collect from renters while your property is undergoing repairs. There is no time limit for this income replacement; you can receive payments for as long as the repairs take.

Landlord and Homeowners Policies Don't Protect Businesses

That’s not true for coverage provided by most landlord and homeowners insurance policies. Property owners who don’t buy commercial coverage because they don’t think of their rental activity as a business could find themselves facing a period of weeks or months without rental income if accidental damage, a fire, or another covered loss occurs.

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