What is Vacation Rental Insurance?


Do you advertise your vacation rental home online on sites like Vrbo and Airbnb? If you’re counting on your homeowners insurance, landlord insurance or a host liability policy to protect your short-term vacation rental property, then you could be opening yourself up to some serious financial risks. Advertising or listing your home as a short-term rental requires specialty coverage that will protect your income, your property and its contents from the unthinkable.

Vacation rental insurance is a specialty coverage.

As a comprehensive solution designed specifically to protect short-term rentals, vacation rental insurance closes all the gaps in coverage and addresses the unique risks that you face daily.


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Who Needs Vacation Rental Insurance?

If you rent your home or property to guests on a short-term basis, then you need vacation rental insurance. Plain and simple.

The moment you list your property as a short-term rental and money changes hands, your side hustle becomes a legitimate business. That means you need the right commercial vacation rental coverage to protect yourself and your home.


What Does Vacation Rental Insurance Cover?

Without adequate coverage, your short-term vacation rental business could face severe risks. You need the right type and amount of vacation rental insurance to cover your back and limit your liability risks. That’s why the CBIZ Vacation Rental Insurance Program works to negotiate the most comprehensive coverage policy for your property available on the market. Our experts will discuss the unique risks of your property and work to customize a policy that can include:

  • Property

    Life happens: guests are negligent, Mother Nature is unpredictable and property damage comes in many forms. While many host liability policies will protect you from legal claims, they typically exclude property damage. The CBIZ Vacation Rental Insurance Program will customize a policy for you that can include:
    • Replacement cost coverage for your building and contents
    • Damage caused by a guest
    • Backup of sewer and drains
    • Additional structures


  • Commercial General Liability*

    Many vacation rental owners think that their free or low-cost host liability policies (like those offered on a rental or home-sharing website) will cover them should they become liable for a guest’s injuries. Unfortunately, this is not always true. While host liability policies offer some coverage, the type of liability and exclusions can vary... wildly.

    Commercial general liability coverage, on the other hand, protects you and your assets from even the most lawsuit-happy guests and a wide variety of liability claims. Keep litigation headaches at bay with coverage that can include:


  • $2 million general aggregate
  • $1 million per occurrence
  • $1 million for personal/advertising injury
  • $5,000 for medical payments
  • Legal fees related to your defense
  • Property managers covered at no extra cost

*subject to State availability and/or issuers underwriting guidelines. 


  • Business Income

    Renting out a vacation home to others makes you a business owner. That means you need coverage for losses should your property suffer covered physical damage, whether at the hands of a guest or a natural disaster. The CBIZ Vacation Rental Insurance Program will help you protect your income and your investment by covering the cost of repairing your property as well as any income you’re unable to collect from renters while those repairs are happening


  • Contents / Business Personal Property

    Under a Vacation Rental Insurance Policy, the physical structure of your home and everything within it is covered…and then some. Not only are things like furniture and fixtures covered, but this usually coverage extends to 100ft. outside the home. That means many of your amenities (the shed out back etc.) are protected as well.

How Much Does It Cost?

Many factors affect the cost of a vacation rental insurance policy. As specialty insurance, it may be more expensive than a standard homeowners insurance policy, but that’s like comparing apples to oranges. Vacation rental insurance is coverage designed specifically to protect property owners from both the liability and property risks that can come with renting their vacation homes.


A few additional things that can affect the coverage availability and cost of your vacation rental insurance include:


  • Amenities like pools, kayaks, hot tubs, etc.
  • If you offer any activities with your vacation rental
  • If you need to make any immediate repairs after a safety inspection
  • …and more


Cost shouldn’t be the sole factor you consider when purchasing vacation rental insurance. Getting the correct coverage that protects you and your property, however, should be.


Protect Your Investment with Vacation Rental Insurance


Renting your home as a vacation rental is exciting for many reasons, raking in the cash not being least among them. But once the bookings start filling up and you start making money off your short-term rental, your risks increase and your insurance coverage requirements change.

Protect yourself, your vacation rental business and your peace of mind with coverage that leaves nothing to chance.

About Us

CBIZ Vacation Rental Insurance, a division of CBIZ Insurance Services,Inc., is the largest insurer of short-term vacation rental properties in the United States. As part of an $850 million New York Stock Exchange traded company (CBZ), we are the first broker to develop specific policy coverage to meet the needs for vacation rental properties and the amenities offered by these businesses. We have insured vacation rental properties since 2002.

The CBIZ Vacation Rental Insurance team knows insurance, specifically the risks and exposures related to short-term vacation rentals.We won't confuse you with technical "insurance speak" ~ our representatives are well versed in explaining your coverage in plain English. With hands-on, personal customer service, we guarantee swift communication and a 24/7 claims team that is ready to respond to your call any time of the day. As specialist in the industry, we leverage our knowledge and passion to ensure you and your business are adequately protected.