A Beginner's Guide to Making Your Vacation Rental Social
Kiernan Walshire

A Beginner's Guide to Making Your Vacation Rental Social

As a vacation rental property owner, your primary goal is probably keeping your property’s calendar full which, in turn, should maximize your rental income. With social media, it’s easier than ever to showcase your property in front of a wide audience. However, there are many other vacation rental property owners doing the same. So, how can you stand apart from the competition and attract more renters?

Follow these five tips to leverage social media marketing for vacation rental properties you own or manage. 

1. Create a Separate Page or Account for Your Property

Vacation rental property owners who want to expand their reach and increase bookings should establish separate social media profiles for the property, rather than using their personal Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts. When you create a separate social media presence for your property, you’ll automatically look more professional, appealing to travelers who want to feel comfortable they are renting from an established business. 

Pro Tip: When creating a separate page for your property choose the "business account" option! This does not cost any extra money but it gives you a wealth of valuable information. For instance: the best times for you to be posting, insights about your audience and much more. 

2. Ask for Guest Reviews

You've created a social media presence for your short-term vacation rental. Your following is growing and you're receiving engagement on your posts. Now how do you turn those followers into bookings? There's nothing more powerful than a peer-given review. One of the easiest ways to market your vacation rental property actually involves getting satisfied renters to market it for you. Ask satisfied renters to post reviews on your social media pages after their stay. Those reviews will be visible to their friends and family, as well as anyone who visits your property’s social media pages. 

3. Be Responsive and Interactive

When people have questions about any type of business, they are increasingly turning to social media for answers. When you use social media to market your vacation rental property, try to interact with renters and potential renters by responding to comments and messages sent through the platform in an authentic and timely manner. Also interact on the same platform as your property! Leave comments on other posts, give likes, ask questions, re-share, give shout outs etc. Giving your property a more human approach makes your business more relatable.

4. Tell a Visual Story

Marketing your vacation rental property using social media involves more than just creating a compelling listing; your posts should also get the attention of potential renters. The most successful social media advertising campaigns are those that evoke feelings in viewers. When you’re able to successfully capture the feeling of staying at your rental property, you’ll likely have many inquiries and future bookings. 

Pro Tip: Share more than just visuals of your property itself. Share the experience of your property or local attractions and amenities around your property that entices social media scrollers to go from followers to guests. 

5. Encourage Guests to "Check In" When They Check In

Your guests can also help spread the word on social media by posting about your rental while they are on-site. Most people who use social media regularly post while they are on vacation, so consider asking renters to “check-in” or "tag" your property on their social media posts. Doing so can generate interest from vacationers’ connections. Consider also creating a custom hashtag and encouraging renters to use it when posting about and sharing pictures from their vacations.

Pro Tip: Reward your guests and followers by reciprocating the engagement! Re-share, comment, like, engage with this guest-generated content not only for yourself but to show your guest that they are valued when staying at your property. 

More Visibility Means More Bookings...and More Risk

Social media could be the start for major success for you and your business. However, more bookings can mean more risk. 

Did you know that when you protect your vacation home using CBIZ Vacation Rental Insurance, you also have coverage for “personal and advertising injury?” If someone else claims you used their idea, infringed on their copyright, or misappropriated their image in your marketing efforts, your insurance policy will pay for your defense and up to $1,000,000 in damages or settlement payments.

To learn more about why savvy vacation property owners and managers choose CBIZ Vacation Rental Insurance, request a free quote online today.

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Thomas Clarence

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