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Don’t Let a Drought Dry Up Your Vacation Rental Business

Drought affected grass in backyard

Droughts in the U.S. are increasing due to extreme weather and climate change, especially in drier states such as California and Arizona . If your rental property is in a drought-prone area, you’ll want to take steps to reduce water usage and communicate with your guests. Keep reading for our best tips to conserve water supply at your vacation rental while keeping business up.

Maintaining Your Short-term Rental During a Drought 

Home Maintenance is Key

Ensure your property is in good condition before doing anything else. Check all water appliances (e.g., dishwasher, water heater, sinks, toilets, laundry) for cracks. If you see any water or signs of rust around the water heater, call a professional to inspect it. These small cracks and signs of rust could eventually cause sediment buildup and future problems.

Don’t forget to check your roof as well, and scrape out and clean the insides of your gutters. The longer dirt, debris and algae sit and grow, the more grime will accumulate. By the time rain does come again, your gutters will be clean and not clogged with debris.

Check for Leaks & Drips

Not all leaks are created equal. Make sure to check underneath the sink, toilet and any other plumbing at your rental. By purchasing a leak detector, you’ll be notified if a leak occurs. It will not only save you money but will also help reduce the risk of property damage.

Did you know that outdoor faucets are one of the most common leaks? Oftentimes, they go unnoticed. Test outside faucets for damage by letting them run. Turn the water on and place your finger over the opening. If the flow of water stops, you may need to call a professional to inspect your pipes.

Keep Up With Landscaping

If you’re unsure about the restrictions on watering your outdoor plants and grass, call your local water authority for clarity. While the drought may last a while, most lawns only need an inch of water per week. Heavy rainfall can eliminate the need for watering for up to two weeks. Another tip is to water the lawn in short sessions rather than one long one. The grass will better absorb the moisture in shorter sessions. You can also raise the lawn mower blade to its highest level to encourage the roots to grow deeper by shading the root system.

Long-term Outdoor Conservation

To help conserve water in the future, consider how your landscaping can play an integral role. Here are a few tips when it comes to long-term conservation:

  • Incorporate mulch to retain moisture in the soil.
  • Plant drought-tolerant grasses, shrubs, trees and ground covers.
  • Install water-efficient irrigation devices.

Install Water-efficient Appliances at Your Rental Property

The most successful conservation strategy is upgrading your appliances and plumbing devices. By upgrading your older appliances, not only will you conserve water but also eliminate pollution caused by wasting water and help abate our ever-increasing problem of climate change. Upgrading an older toilet is one of the best improvements to prevent water waste. If that’s too big of a purchase, look at replacing the toilet flap. This small change can have a large impact on saving water. A low-flow shower head is another way to reduce water waste, which can reduce water consumption by 40% over the standard shower head without affecting the water pressure. 

Communicate With Guests About Not Wasting Water

While you can’t dictate how long your guests shower for or their overall water intake, you can communicate with them about ways to conserve water. Advise several ways they can be conscious about reducing the amount of water they’ll use. Before their stay, reach out and address the drought, and be mindful of how long the faucet is on when brushing teeth, washing dishes, washing hands and shaving. Most guests will be understanding of the circumstances, as it shouldn’t affect their stay at all.

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