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6 Items You May Have Missed When Cleaning Your Rental

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From disinfecting doorknobs to cleaning the kitchen sink, you know that thorough cleaning between each stay is crucial. Not only does it keep your property feeling and looking pristine but also prevents you from receiving negative reviews about your rental’s cleanliness. It's easy to get caught up in the "bigger things" when cleaning your vacation rental property, but don't forget to check these overlooked spots for hidden grime, dirt and dust.

6 Overlooked Items to Clean at Your Vacation Rental Property

1. Chairs

Dining room chairs can collect food stains, giving the appearance of an unclean property. Grab a wet towel with a little bit of dish soap to remove food stains from fabric or plastic chairs — fronts and backs. Don’t forget to examine the legs of each chair and the armrests for dust, splatters and sticky residues.

2. Light Switches & Plates

Light switches are touched repeatedly daily. You never know if a guest is sick during their stay or what they’ve touched before flipping a switch. While you may not see fingerprints on switches, a layer of germs can cover the surface. Stop the spread of germs in between stays by thoroughly cleaning your light switches and plates. To clean, use either a microfiber cloth or paper towel and disinfectant.

3. Window Treatments

Blinds, curtains and shades are often forgotten when it comes to routine cleaning. While it may sound time-consuming, a good dusting or vacuum sweep typically will reduce the amount of dust significantly. Oil and grease can accumulate on treatments near the kitchen over time. Using a disinfectant to cut the grease will help prevent the window coverings from becoming oily and remove splatters. How often and what type of equipment is needed to deep clean them depends on the type of window treatments your vacation rental property has.

4. Around the Toilet

While scrubbing the seat and inside of the toilet bowl is moderately effective, a full clean should include sanitizing the toilet’s front, back and surrounding areas as well. Over time, toilet particles that carry viruses can find their way onto walls, bathtubs and the floor. Make sure to clean the entire surrounding area with paper towels and disinfectant.

5. The Couch

If you’ve ever lost a phone or a TV remote in the deep, dark depths of your couch, you remove all the cushions and possibly the couch itself to uncover what you’re searching for. If you’re lucky, you’ll find the item, but you’ll also likely find crumbs, loose change, lint and a few other questionable (and icky) relics. Imagine if the same thing happened to a guest who was staying at your property — yikes!

Be sure to clean both sides of all cushions, the armrests and under both the cushions and the couch itself after every stay.

6. Fans

Fans are one of the most overlooked appliances in need of routine cleaning. Ceiling fans, towers and drum fans can accumulate mountains of dust over time. They project dust into the and onto bedding, furniture and even food. Not only will cleaning your fans help keep your property clean, but it will also keep the air clean and minimize allergens.

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