7 Ways Vacation Rentals Can Score Big During Football Season

7 Ways Vacation Rentals Can Score Big During Football Season

Owning a vacation rental property in a football town is a major home-field advantage for your business come football season.

Die-hard fans travel from all over the U.S. to cheer on their favorite teams and party the weekend away with friends and other fans alike. As more and more football fans turn to using vacation rental apps in lieu of the traditional hotel stay, the potential to make serious cash is undeniable.

Depending on where the property is located, short-term rental owners have the potential to make up to $1,665 a nightrenting to traveling football fans.

But remember: with more bookings come more risk, especially when those bookings are comprised of fun-loving football fanatics. Preventative measures can go a long way toward avoiding a claim post-game day.

Here are helpful hacks you can use during football season to boost your income, keep your guests and your property safe and make this football season a serious win from start to finish.

1. Be Strategic with Pricing

Don’t be shy with charging more, especially for the big games. This is when your vacation rental home will be in high demand, so you can afford to be strategic and increase your rates, especially for last-minute bookings. To get an idea of what to charge, use Airbnb’s Rate Calculator and go from there. But don’t get ahead of yourself: you will most likely be facing steep competition from other vacation rental hosts, which could backfire should you charge an exorbitant amount.  

2. Advertise How Many People Your Space Will Hold

Football fans tend to travel as a crew, so be upfront with how many people your space will hold. During football season, potential renters are looking for listings that will accommodate their groups. Grab their attention by stating upfront how many people your space will hold and how close your property is to the game day action. As a safety measure, however, be very clear in mentioning the maximum amount of guests allowed. You may even consider providing a disclaimer about charging more for additional people.

3. Add a Personal Touch to Reduce Risk

If possible, meet your guests in person when they arrive at your property. According to Michael Goldin, Director of Business Development at NoiseAware, this can go a long way toward keeping your risks to a minimum on rowdy game days.

“When a renter meets the property owner in person, it helps humanize the house,” Goldin said. “That personal touch helps renters keep respect for your property in the forefront of their minds.”

4. Provide Guest Instructions

We’re huge advocates for giving guests step-by-step instructions that lay the ground rules for staying in a rental property. From showing guests how to use the fire pit in the backyard to outlining noise level requirements, instructions not only provide you with a safety net should something go wrong, but they allow your guests to navigate your home with ease for the duration of their stay.

5. Know Local Noise Ordinances to Avoid Complaints

Gameday comes with an inherent level of risk. Excited and sometimes raucous fans aren’t known for their subtlety, after all. Understanding your local noise level ordinances and then communicating an expectation to your visiting football fans can go a long way in avoiding complaints from neighbors.

One way to make sure your guests stay compliant is by investing in smart home tech like NoiseAware.  NoiseAware is a noise-monitoring system that can help you remotely keep an eye (and an ear) on things should your guests become too loud.

If your guests exceed a pre-set noise level, NoiseAware will notify you via an app alert. This will allow you to take action and remind your guests about the noise rules, all while maintaining their privacy.

Something as simple as monitoring noise can potentially keep football-fueled parties from getting out of hand as well as keep your neighbors (and the community at large) happy.

6. Be the MVP of Hosts

Your guests are football fans looking for an unforgettable experience, so provide them with one! In addition to providing basic amenities like towels and a coffee maker, go the extra mile by leaving a basket filled with game day snacks and a football to toss around. Provide easy directions to the stadium or give them the inside scoop on the best post-game party spots in town. Make them feel safe and cared for by providing a lock box so they can stash their valuables. Get creative and think of ways you can provide the most memorable experience possible.

7. Make Sure You Have the Right Insurance

Anything can happen on game day, and not having the right coverage for your rental is a surefire way to get penalized with out-of-pocket losses if you need to make a claim. Since renting out your property to others on a short-term basis is considered a business activity, your homeowners insurance won’t cover you if something goes wrong. You’ll need protection designed especially for vacation rentals, specifically commercial general liability coverage.

Commercial general liability typically protects your vacation rental from renter-related issues, from property damage to injuries and even lost business income. Don’t leave anything to the flip of a coin—make sure your property is fully covered before you invite strangers into your home!

Is Your Vacation Rental Ready for Some Football?

Whether you’re hoping to score more bookings or provide football fans with an unforgettable game day experience, vacation rental owners can position themselves for record-setting wins during the upcoming football season. With a little planning and a few smart plays, you’ll go the distance with your vacation rental business all season long.   

More bookings during football season = more risk for your business. Is your vacation rental property fully protected? If You're relying on your homeowners insurance to do the job, you could be in for a surprise come claim time. Request a free quote today to learn how your current coverage measures up against the comprehensive coverage of a vacation rental policy.

This blog may contain scenarios that are provided as examples only. Coverage is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy issued. The information provided is general in nature and may be affected by changes in law or the interpretation of such laws. The reader is advised to contact a professional prior to taking any action based upon this information.

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