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From Mountains to Beaches: Essentials for Your Vacation Rental Business

Essentials for Vacation Rentals

From coast to coast, vacation rental properties capture something special. Your guests want to experience your unique property and the surrounding environment. In honor of June being National Great Outdoors Month, we broke down popular geographic regions and put together a list of essentials and safety precautions to consider for your vacation rental.


Whether your guests are looking for a way to disconnect or wanting to explore the local trails, provide some information and necessities to make their experience incredible. The rugged terrain of the mountains leaves room for several unique activities that you can’t do anywhere else.

Stock up on non-essential items that your guests will appreciate like ski maps, sunscreen, and bug spray. If the elevation of your rental property is high up and it snows, provide sidewalk salt and shovels for your guests. If you are wanting to go the extra mile, include a hot cocoa or s’mores kit. Guests will love the extra treat! 

You know the region best and the safety precautions to keep the great outdoors and your property safe. If your home has a fireplace, wood-burning stove or chimney, make sure it is cleaned and inspected annually. Any outdoor areas like porches and decks should be maintained and sturdy so that safety is ensured when looking at the picturesque views. If you have a hot tub, make sure it’s fenced in and properly working for guests to relax after a ski run or a long hike.


If your property is located near the ocean, don’t skip out on the necessary beach day items for your guests. Heading to the beach for the day is good for the soul and mind. Nothing beats frolicking on the shore and having sand in your toes. However, don’t let your guests get to the beach without sunscreen, towels, and beach chairs!

Provide reusable water bottles and coolers for the ultimate beach day and sand-castle building toys for the little ones. In the welcome booklet you put together, provide a list of your favorite beaches and directions to get there. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness.

If you provide a barbecue grill for your guests, make sure it is at least 10 feet away from your building. Don’t forget to keep your walkway to the beach smooth and level to help lessen the chance of unforeseen fall.


There is nothing quite like visiting a city where each corner is full of movement and excitement. Even if your guests are just visiting due to a work trip, give them a reason to get fresh air and explore the community. Cities can be overwhelming, so providing a list of restaurants that includes early or late night hours, delivery or takeout menus can be helpful. Guests also appreciate having on-the-go snacks and drinks.

Providing quick WIFI for checking emails or online meetings will cater to those working guests. Additionally, a smart home device is helpful so they can turn on lights if they have late business meetings. 

Cities are not always the greenest spaces, so helping your guests stay environmentally friendly by providing reusable bags, a bicycle, and a map to the nearest park is key. Not only will they appreciate it, Mother Earth will too. Another way to bring the great outdoors inside is to incorporate plants into your décor. Download our guide to plants here.

To help you and your guests have peace of mind while staying at your property, change your locks to deadbolts or keyless entryways. You can even purchase a smart lock for your property to help keep everything secure. Don’t forget to install a working carbon monoxide detector in your space as well.


Summers spent at the lake and hiking through the forest are some of the best memories guests will have throughout their lives. Keep your property well stocked with outdoor essentials like bug spray, sunscreen, towels, trail maps, and fishing poles. You can go the extra mile for your guests and provide floaties for their children to use. Even a picnic set for a relaxing lunch in the great outdoors is such a nice touch. After a long day of connecting with nature, make sure your guests have a way to do their laundry. Not only will they appreciate it, but your home will stay a little bit cleaner.

With the excitement that comes with the great outdoors, there can also be a lot of unforeseen risks. It’s smart to have a first aid kit well stocked and easily accessible and adequate outdoor lighting. Don’t let one of your guests walk at night and slip and fall!

To help maximize your guests’ outdoor time, provide clean and comfortable outdoor furniture. A small fire pit is also a nice touch for relaxation at the end of the day. Just be sure it is appropriately spaced from the house. As an added bonus, it helps keep the bugs away!


Many travelers flock to the desert to experience the beauty of its colorful, painted skies. They seek peaceful refuge lying under the stars. Others may visit to be challenged by treacherous hikes with incredible views, making their mouths drop in awe. Whatever the reason for their stay, make sure you are prepared with the essentials for a successful desert getaway. 

Before your travelers arrive, check entrance or exit steps and sidewalks. They should be evenly paved with no obstacles. Coil your garden hose and mount it to the wall so it isn’t a barrier in the walkway. Think about including basics such as sunscreen, blankets, aloe, or go above and beyond by providing sunglasses with your property address on the earpieces. It’s a great opportunity for branding, and if your guests are taking an Uber they have the address convenient for easy access.

Other amenities to include for your renters are items such as a snake bite kit, binoculars, telescope, list of unique lookout points, and comfortable air-conditioning. Give your guests a small token to remember their stay by gifting them their own piece of the desert with small succulents. Make sure to include your branding on the plant’s pots as a sweet reminder of their dream vacation.

Tools for Adventure

Don’t forget to download our handy Outdoor Essentials booklet to make sure your rental is always ready for your guests’ adventure. Whether your property sits high in the mountains overlooking a lagoon or shaded next to a secluded beach, we have you covered. Request a free quote today!

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