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How to Attract Your Ideal Guests

Attracting the right guests for your property

Attracting the best guests for your property requires a proper vetting protocol to ensure they leave your vacation rental in the best shape possible. While there will always be small hiccups when renting your property, preventing major violations such as criminal activities, scams, underage parties and violations that are susceptible to risks, injuries, and damages will give you the feeling of security as a host.

Here are 6 tips to help you find the best guests for your property.

1. Establish Your Ideal Guest’s Persona

Brainstorm a list of qualities that your perfect guest would have. Here are some questions to help get you started:

  • Who is my property best suited for?
  • What are the common reasons people choose my place?
  • What are my best amenities?

Once you have determined your targeted audience, make sure your listing and advertising have them in mind. Don’t forget that your property is not going to be perfect for everyone, but once you take the time to figure out who it is perfect for, the more likely you are to attract that type of guest.

2. Use High-Quality Images and a Vivid Description

You want your photos to portray your short-term rental exactly as it is and what it could feel like as a guest. Accuracy in your photos counts just as much as aesthetics. Not to mention, having accurate photos can help speed up the process if you need to file an insurance claim.

While taking photos of your short-term rental property, keep in mind that images should be compelling, visually inviting, and supportive of your well-crafted description. Most booking sites like Airbnb and VRBO allow at least 20 images of your property to add to your listing. Invite guests’ eyes to explore your property before they even step foot in the door. Consider your short-term rental property’s photos a visual tourism pamphlet highlighting its best features. 

3. Be Upfront About Rules and Regulations

Nobody wants disruptive guests. Be upfront about what you are expecting from your guests when they stay. If you don’t want parties happening or have a neighborhood noise ordinance, don’t be afraid to write that in your posting. This is your opportunity to clearly state what is expected of the guests, what they can and cannot do and the penalties if the rules are broken. 

When writing your rules, keep in mind the types of guests staying at your property. If you rent to large groups or families, your rules may look a little different than having one or two guests.

4. Utilize Social Media to Create Engaging Content

Social media is one the cheapest and quickest ways to advertise your vacation rental. Take time each week to create a social media plan that shows off your property and the amenities that come with staying at it.

Go beyond the basics and upload your favorite places near your property. Potential guests will love learning about the local spots. Be an online tour guide of the things your town and property have to offer. Don’t be afraid to play into your city’s vibe! Feature new restaurants, attractions and stores near your area. Some travelers may already be familiar with that town and are interested in learning more about the unexpected and new sights.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Asking your guests a few questions should be relaxed and conversational. Don’t think of it as an interrogation. Try starting with these basic questions:

  • What are the full names and contact information of those on the reservation?
  • Will anyone be visiting during your stay?
  • Do you have any questions regarding the house rules?

As a host, you want to develop a good relationship with your guests. It helps to know a little more about their trip and what they are expecting to do. This is also a great opportunity to fill them in on some things going on around town. Asking your potential guests questions can help both parties feel more at ease.

6. Check Guests’ Reviews and Profiles

Reviews are everything. Reading the reviews of your potential guests is equally as important as the reviews about your listing. If there are any major red flags, they are usually easy to spot when reading the reviews hosts have left about the guest. Reading the reviews could save you from someone who is noisy and breaks the house rules or at least make you more aware.

If a potential guest has a negative review and you are interested in learning more about it before accepting, you can always reach out and ask them to clarify what happened. The easiest step to vetting a potential guest is by checking their profile. If you are a verified host on Airbnb, you can require guests to verify their accounts before booking your listing. This will show that they are a real, verified user and requests them to confirm their personal details. Here are the steps to set it up:

  • Visit the Reservation Requirements page
  • Check the box next to Require guests to go through verification
  • Save Reservation Requirements


Unfortunately, house rules are not enough, background checking your guests' lets you know you’ve done everything possible in preventing a guest with not the best intentions from staying on your property.  Remember to be cautious if you reject a large number of booking requests. The denial may cause your position in search results to drop. To learn more about protecting your short-term rental business through CBIZ Vacation Rental Insurance, request a free quote today!

This blog may contain scenarios that are provided as examples only. Coverage is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy issued. The information provided is general in nature and may be affected by changes in law or the interpretation of such laws. The reader is advised to contact a professional prior to taking any action based upon this information.

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