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Are Security Cameras Safe to Use at My Short-Term Rental?

Vacation Rental Security Cameras

Providing safety and protection for your vacation rental home and your guests is essential – having a second set of eyes on the property via surveillance devices can help fill that need. You can protect your property and guests while maintaining your distance.

Short-term rental hosts are allowed to use various surveillance devices to protect their property as long as they are disclosed in the listings, including on Airbnb, VRBO and other vacation rental booking sites. Further, while not forbidden on the exterior of the property, they are prohibited in private spaces, such as bedrooms, bathrooms and other sleeping areas. Any baby monitors, cameras located on computer monitors and other video devices need to be disclosed as well. You never want your guests to feel like you’re invading their privacy.

Here are a few security measures you can take to protect your short-term rental.

Video Doorbells and Cameras

The goal of using video doorbells, such as Ring Doorbell, is to catch break-ins and stop any suspicious or reckless activity. They’re not meant to monitor your guest’s coming and going.

These doorbells automatically notify your phone through an app when someone is in range of the camera. No matter where you are, you can see who is at your front door and watch their interaction from start to finish. If a thief rings the doorbell trying to see if anyone is home, you already have them on camera, and you can call the police right away.

If there are unaccounted-for additional guests at the house, this is a great way to deter that behavior and provide video proof. You can also speak to anyone through the doorbell. If you do this to welcome your guests, make sure to let them know before arrival so as not to spook them!

In the event of a crime, having surveillance cameras outside will provide footage of the activity and increase your chances of catching the intruder. Cameras provide a second set of eyes on your property, allowing you to feel more secure and aware.

Security Systems

Knowing your vacation rental property is safe and secure is one of the best feelings an owner can have. Whether your property is full of people or unoccupied for weeks, a security system is a wise investment for your short-term rental. Though they are expensive, not having one could cost you more. If something was to ever happen at your property, a proper security system can alert and dispatch the police.

When comparing different systems, be sure to consider these features:

  • Motion Sensors – Many people have security sensors at the doors only. Did you know you can have sensors on your windows? If one of your windows were to break during a storm or someone was to hit it, you will be alerted and can handle it quickly.
  • Remote Controls – You’ll want the ability to arm and disarm your property from anywhere. This comes in handy when guests are staying at the house or the housekeepers come over.
  • Sirens – If someone enters your vacation rental property, a siren would scare them off, including your guests. Make sure to disarm your property upon their arrival or share the code with them, and make sure to change it when they check out.


Additional Security Options

While security cameras, smart doorbells and security systems can provide peace of mind, there are additional safety inventions that can help protect areas you may be worried about. Smart lighting gives you the benefit of being able to turn lights on and off at your property at any time, from anywhere. They also allow you to leave lights on when you do not have a home full of guests to give the appearance someone is home. This can help reduce the risk of someone burglarizing your property. Smart floodlights can also be used on the outside of your property to light up the driveway or front door when they sense motion. Not to mention, smart lighting adds a very luxurious feel to your property that your guests will appreciate.

Another form of extra security is noise detectors. Noise complaints and neighbor issues are common challenges short-term property owners have to deal with. Companies like NoiseAware, help detect sound in and around your property. This can help see if your guests are being too loud, or if damage is occurring within your property so that you can react promptly to prevent further issues. Once installed, property owners can monitor noise levels for multiple properties via a smartphone app designed to monitor noise without jeopardizing guests’ privacy.

Insurance Is the Greatest Protection

Despite all the security measures you have in place, a break-in or other property damage can still occur. Make sure your property is covered with vacation rental insurance. Be safe, not sorry. To learn more about protecting your short-term rental business through CBIZ Vacation Rental Insurance, request a free quote today!

This blog may contain scenarios that are provided as examples only. Coverage is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy issued. The information provided is general in nature and may be affected by changes in law or the interpretation of such laws. The reader is advised to contact a professional prior to taking any action based upon this information.

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