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5 Ways to Incorporate QR Codes at Your Vacation Rental

How to use QR Codes at vacation rental properties

Have you ever wondered about ways to cut down on processes at your short-term rental business? As a result of the pandemic, we are seeing more and more businesses using QR Codes to cut down on daily operations, reduce human contact and minimize paper waste. QR Codes are starting to take over the travel and hospitality industries by storm, enhancing the guest experience and helping your day-to-day functions.

Here are 5 easy ways to incorporate QR Codes at your short-term rental:

What are QR codes and how can your vacation rental benefit from using them?

Quick response otherwise known as QR Codes are bar codes that can be printed on any surface and link out to a website or application. They are readable by smartphone cameras. These nifty codes are an easy way to share your social media accounts, generate reviews, or share unique information about your short-term rental.

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points to incorporating QR Codes in your business is the fact that they are cost-effective. Many times, QR Code generators are free, however, branded codes aren’t something that will cost an arm and a leg.

1. Access to Digital Welcome Book

Have you ever stayed the night at someone’s house before and got confused about how to work the coffee machine? Well, QR Codes can make it easier to explain how to use things around your property. Place a code nearby the front door, the AC unit, the coffee machine, or anywhere you receive a lot of questions on how to work.

QR Codes are also a convenient way to store your welcome book. Your guests will always have access to it without having to dig through their email. Important things such as contact information and emergency guidance will now be available at their fingertips within seconds thanks to a quick snap of a QR Code. Try using apps like TouchStayHostfully, or YourWelcome to store your welcome book information. These apps were specifically designed to be a customizable, contactless and tech-friendly option for your guests.

2. Share Upcoming Events

Upon arrival, have your guests scan a QR Code to give access to a calendar of upcoming events. As new events pop up around town, it will only take a few minutes to add them to the landing page for guests to view.

3. Virtual Tour

An easy way to increase engagement with guests at your property is by sharing stories of the past. Your short-term rental may hold historical artifacts and tales. Allow your guests to go on a virtual history tour with QR Codes. By scanning the different codes around the rental, your guests will learn the significance or history of that area, display or item.

4. Gain New Followers on Your Social Accounts

Nowadays, gaining followers is crucial for steady business growth. It’s not as easy as just telling your guests your social handles, however. For your guests, they will have to open their phones, go to their social media app of choice, search for you and then make the decision whether or not they want to follow your business. Some may have issues finding your page, while some just may not follow it.

Social media QR Codes are a very efficient and easy way for all guests to access your social profiles. Sampling scanning the code will take them to all of your social media accounts on one single page, allowing them to go directly to their favorite platform and follow you.

5. Generate Reviews

It can be difficult to track down previous guests to leave a review about their stay at your property. You can print out several QR Codes that take guests directly to the review section on your profile. Place the QR Codes throughout the property so it’s a constant reminder.

A Not-So-Secret Message

While QR Codes can feel like a secret upon opening them, protecting your vacation rental property with the best in the business is no hidden message. To learn more about protecting your business from the unexpected, request a free quote today from CBIZ Vacation Rental Insurance today.

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