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Prepare Your Vacation Rental For The Cold With These 7 Steps

Winter Weather Preparedness for Vacation Rentals

Winter is here, weather you like it or not. Nature is unpredictable, so don’t wait to prepare your vacation rental for the harshest season. Fortunately, simple inspections and improvements to your short-term rental property can prevent costly winter-related insurance claims.

7 Steps to Take to Prepare Your Vacation Rental for Winter Weather

1. Plumbing Vulnerabilities 

Burst pipes are a common culprit of winter property damage. During frigid temperatures, exposed plumbing can freeze and rupture. Fissured pipes will cause water to flood and damage ceilings, walls, wiring and other structural areas. Additionally, excessive moisture can promote mold growth.

If you have a freeze-prevention monitoring system, verify it’s in good working order and will notify you when temperatures are low enough to freeze pipes. Examine your rental property for foundational holes and wall, window and door cracks. Seal and repair these openings to prevent frigid air from entering. Also consider insulating plumbing for an additional layer of protection.

All exterior piping should be closed off and drained at the beginning of the winter season. Contact a plumber to install shut-off valves on exterior faucets.

2. Ice & Snow Concerns

Don’t think twice about securing a reliable contractor to be on call for driveway and sidewalk snow removal. Designate someone who can assess your property to determine necessary snow/ice removal and when conditions are safe for contractors and customers. It’s dangerous to let your guests slide around on the driveway or slip-on sidewalks as they walk into your vacation rental. Hazards never take a holiday!

Schedule a structural engineer to verify your roof’s snow threshold. This will allow you to assess when the snow weight could potentially cause damage. Consider a snow removal contractor for your roof as ice and snow can place enormous amounts of weight on your structure.

3. Guttering Exposures

Inspect your gutters and drains for potential damage. Verify they’re secure and free from debris. When snow and ice cannot drain off your roof, it will freeze and cause roofing problems and subsequent interior damage. Evaluate your gutters and downspouts for water backup.

4. Alternate Power Options

Generators can help your vacation rental quickly recover from a snow or ice storm and can keep your business operating even during a power outage. They can also maintain property temperatures above freezing to help keep pipes from bursting. If you do not possess a backup generator, now is the time to purchase one and make sure it can supply the power needed to remain operational. Evaluate whether a portable or permanent generator would provide your business with cost-effective benefits while lowering exposures.

5. Landscaping Issues

Inspect all vegetation near your property and trim any bushes or trees that are too close. Iced or snow-filled branches can cause damage to your windows or roofing. Trim tree branches that are close to power lines to avoid a power outage and business interruption.

6. HVAC Problems

It’s important to schedule preventive maintenance to your HVAC system to verify it works efficiently. This will allow for any necessary repairs before temperatures drop. Establish a service agreement with a licensed repair company that’s available for emergency calls.

7. Window & Door Replacement

Older, single-pane windows offer low thermal resistance. Install double or triple-pane windows with high thermal resistance (R-value) and thermal break. The R-value tells you how well a system can resist the transfer of heat; the higher the value, the better that system performs. A thermal break is an insulation built within the frame of the window to reduce thermal transfer. Along with your windows, install exterior and roll-up doors that provide a high R-value. Replace any windows or doors that are showing signs of age to avoid water damage.

It's Snow Problem with CBIZ Vacation Rental Insurance

Don’t let this winter be a frostrating situation. Prevention is the best strategy for avoiding damage and other risks at your vacation rental property. To learn more about protecting your rental business with comprehensive insurance coverage, request a free quote today with CBIZ Vacation Rental Insurance.

This blog may contain scenarios that are provided as examples only. Coverage is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy issued. The information provided is general in nature and may be affected by changes in law or the interpretation of such laws. The reader is advised to contact a professional prior to taking any action based upon this information.

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