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Fire Prevention for Unoccupied Vacation Rental Properties

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When properties are left vacant (completely empty) or unoccupied (all possessions are within the property and the property is still available to rent), especially for long periods, the risk of fire-related incidents increases. To protect your vacation rental business, implementing a comprehensive fire prevention strategy is crucial. Follow these essential fire prevention measures to minimize the risk of destructive fires.

8 Fire Prevention Tips for Vacant Vacation Rental Properties

1. Maintain fire-detection equipment. Smoke alarms should be installed in each hallway, stairwell and bedroom. Batteries should be replaced every six months and tested at least once a month. You may also want to consider heat detectors.

2. Conduct heat inspections. Inspect your heating system regularly to ensure all components are working properly and to prevent it from becoming a fire hazard. Don’t forget to provide adequate heat to the vacant property to prevent freezing of fire-protection equipment, such as water supply tanks.

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3. Maintain landscaping. Keep the property’s exterior well-maintained. This includes cutting grass to a height of 3” or less, clearing brush and weeds, and promptly removing any waste materials that can fuel fires.

4. Remove combustible materials. Take precautions such as turning off electrical equipment and securing utilities that won’t be in use. Additionally, remove flammable chemicals and other combustible materials from the property when possible.

5. Contact law enforcement. Notify local police and fire departments if your vacation rental property is vacant. Doing so can allow law enforcement to monitor the property regularly and help deter arson and other crimes.

6. Increase security measures. To deter potential vandals or intruders and prevent arson, make the property appear occupied. Add extra locks, lighting, alarms and fencing where necessary. Outdoor cameras can also help detect squatters and burglars. Ensure that frequent inspections of the building, as well as the perimeter of the property, are performed to check for easy trespasser access. Regular checks for signs of break-ins are also essential.

7. Check for pests and rodents. Vacant properties are dream homes for pests and rodents. As these creatures search for food, they can encounter electrical wires and chew through them, putting the property at risk for an electrical fire.

8. Keep an eye out for sunrays. While sunrays are hard to detect unless someone is around the property, they are, perhaps surprisingly, a culprit for fires. Extreme sunrays coming through windows and glass can burn anything in sight. Ensure there’s no glass or mirrors near flammable objects.

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Fire prevention remains a shared responsibility that calls for proactive planning and ongoing vigilance to protect properties from potential ruin. To learn more about vacant property coverage and risk mitigation for rental properties, connect with a team member at CBIZ Vacation Rental Insurance. Request a free quote today to get started.

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