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4 Simple Ways to Keep Your Vacation Rental Top of Mind

keep your vacation rental property top of mind

As a result of recent events, short-term vacation rental property owners are challenged to stay relevant and appropriate. Refocusing your attention on your communications by using social media, email, and the classic handwritten letter can help you stay top of mind with travelers. More than just having people remember the name of your property, top of mind helps guests remember (or envision) the positive experience of staying at your property. Even when reservations can’t be made, communicating what makes your property unique and special will help to ensure that when they are ready to travel again your property is the first place they think of.

The best ways to stay top of mind are personal touches that show guests you appreciate and value their business. Try incorporating these four ideas:


Take your guests on a virtual behind-the-scenes tour of your unique rental. Showcase the special features or details you love about the property. Is there a hidden creek nearby or a fabulous sunset view from your back porch? Have you added a deck or other great renovations? Help your guests envision themselves at your property. With today’s smart devices, it’s easy to film the tour using your camera or a phone.

Post-COVID-19 travelers will be more aware of their surroundings and be more concerned with your cleaning process. Include your deep-cleaning processes in your virtual tour. Don’t be afraid to show your cleaning staff at work – masks and gloves included. Guests will appreciate that you have their safety in mind. 

These behind the scenes videos are great content for your social channels. If you are new to social media or need a refresher, check out our beginner’s guide. Keep in mind that your posts reflect the experience your guests will have at your property.


Is your property located in a quaint town with tons of local shops? Or a cool family-friendly destination with fun activities for all ages? Are you surrounded by hiking trails and outdoor excursions? Give viewers an insider’s look of the area and all it has to offer. Share local attractions and areas of interest. Visitors love feeling like a local. Could you take them on a virtual walk/hike and show them the scenery? A hometown tour posted online will showcase your area and may stir up a sense of nostalgia to those who have stayed at your place. Showing your property in the different seasons is another way to engage viewers. They may not have thought of vacationing in the summer, but viewing images of trails on the mountain nearby may open them up to the idea. 


Going out of your way to make guests feel special can be as simple as a handwritten note. Is most of your business based on repeat guests and referrals? Creating a business built on guest connections and experiences is key to paving the path for cultivating repeat stays. Personal touches can make a lasting impression. Personally thanking your guests will make them feel like you truly care about them, and guests who feel valued and have had a great experience are more likely to recommend your property to their friends and family.

Make it even more personal by including a photo of what makes your property memorable, whether it is the gorgeous sunset, a view of the mountains or the ocean waves outside your back door. Help them remember why they stayed there in the first place. You can take it one step further and offer a special discount code or a night free if they book a stay within the next year.


Many of your guests are dealing with working from home and taking care of kids who are out of school for the rest of the year. Parents and kids alike are longing for a break and thinking about when they get to take a vacation. Email past guests activities that kids can do such as coloring sheets or word searches with words that remind them of vacationing at your property. Or ask for kids to draw their favorite memory of your property and encourage them to post them on your page. The children will love remembering their time exploring your property with their family.

Parents will appreciate that you gave them fun activities for their kids to do and as a result, they will be reminded of your property. A win-win for your guests and your business.

As we look forward to recovery and the travel industry coming back, now is the time to keep your property front and center with travelers. Connecting with previous guests on a personal level will help entice them to want to come back because they feel valued. While these are good tips to implement now, these are practices that should be ongoing. Take this opportunity to dive into a new forum and discover ways to connect through communication with previous guests and potential new visitors. 

Ready to take your short-term vacation rental business to the next level? Begin your request a free quote today with the CBIZ Vacation Rental Insurance team. 

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