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In a sea of vacation rental properties, something drew you to your investment property and made it stand out from others. Were you drawn to its unique floor plan, interesting architecture, or local attractions? By creating a memorable story for your potential renters, you will stand out from the competition and cater to travelers who are on the hunt for an unforgettable experience. Vacation rental storytelling has the ability to introduce new guests to your rental and remind previous visitors of their incomparable stay at your property encouraging a rebooking.

Here are our tips on how to make your property tell a story:

Choose a Captivating Theme

Is your property a beach paradise? Is it a cozy country cottage? Define your hook and play into the idea of what your travelers expect when staying in your short-term rental. Let your guests feel immediately at ease when they step into your quaint beach home or excited for their farm-to-table experience.

However, don’t go overboard on the theme by taking your home “too far” in a certain direction unless you have a specific niche, as this can limit your prospects. For example, high-tourist destinations like Disney World have over-the-top vacation properties because they have a defined market and niche. Their guests will want to see Mickey on the walls and Goofy in the kitchen. Keep in mind that going overboard with themes can result in a lot of different DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects that may lead to risks. Remember to stay neutral to appeal to different audiences if your home does not have a precisely defined niche.

Budgeting your theme will help you decide what is essential to increasing the property’s storytelling value rather than spending it on unnecessary projects. If your budget is tight, limiting your theme to only one or two rooms will help your money go farther. You want your guests to be blown away by the assets that make your property unique, so spend your budget on the remarkable things.

Integrate Your Theme

Is your dream to have an outdoor oasis next to the lake in your backyard? Or a blue kitchen to emulate the feelings of being next to the ocean? Whatever it is, go for it and always have your potential travelers in mind. Don’t forget the essentials that your guests will need and be aware that sometimes less is really more. Try not to overcrowd certain areas where there will be high foot traffic or places where guests’ items will need to go. If an area is too crowded, a guest could potentially trip and an insurance claim may need to be filed. The simplistic approach is usually best when decorating with a theme.

Share Your Property’s Story

Compelling images, listing descriptions, and social media posts are all ways to convey your property’s story. Loading images with people or food in them or using words that will make a traveler feel they’re right there will help explain your property’s story. Guests will be so excited to experience what you have portrayed. To help you achieve maximum storytelling, appeal to all five senses — touch, sight, smell, hearing, and taste. When all five senses are stimulated, people can best imagine what it’s like to be there.

Keep travelers updated on what is happening at your property by using social media or email. Did you discover a new trail near your property? Was there any sea life on the beach today? A new cleaning regimen around the house? Posts that are relevant to your property’s story can lead to connections within your audience. This is key to gaining new bookings.

Now, more than ever, in this new normal, it is important to include how your property is cleaned and what preventive measures you are taking to ensure a safe space for them. Providing even small details about what scents you clean with can help create a clear picture in their mind so they can truly feel the type of experience they will be gaining.

Vacation rental storytelling is all about grabbing attention, and then keeping hold of it. Whether it’s former guests whose imaginations you’re trying to reignite or potential guests you want to draw in, doing so in an enticing, intentional way really does work. Don’t forget to have vacation rental insurance on your side as you share your story with others. You never know when damage or an injury could occur, so make sure you have the protection you need. 

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