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Pool Prep: Opening Maintenance Tips for Your Vacation Rental Property

Pool prep for your vacation rental

As the weather begins to transition into sunny, warm summer, pool season will be here in no time. We’ll show you the easiest and best opening maintenance tips to help get your pool ready, decrease risks, and keep future guests safe while staying on your property. Let’s dive in!

Remove and Store the Cover

Throughout the long winter months, your pool cover has most likely collected a little bit of water, leaves and sticks. Enlisting the help of a few friends or family members will come in handy when pulling off the pool cover. Make sure to remove all debris and excess water from the top by using a sump pump or a submersible pump. Once off the pool, lay the cover flat on the ground, spray off with water and let it dry completely. Check to make sure that there are no holes or rips in the cover. To help reduce the chances of mildew or mold, sprinkle the cover with talcum powder, then fold loosely and store in a secured area. The best place to store a pool cover is somewhere that is dark and dry. Try designating a spot in your garage or pool shed.

Prep Your Water

Have your local swimming pool supply store or other professional test your pool water and ensure it’s safe to swim in. Before doing so, here are some steps to take:

  • Remove debris.
  • Starting from the shallow end or pool steps, skim and vacuum the pool thoroughly working your way to the deep end. 
  • Run the circulation and filtration system overnight.


Inspect and Reconnect Equipment

Inspecting equipment and the surrounding areas will help make sure that your guests’ fun in the sun will not be hazardous. Here are a few things to inspect and reconnect before opening:

  • Are your depth markers visible? Are they broken, chipped, or missing?
  • Are your filtration and circulation systems working properly?
  • Do you need to replace winterizing plugs with the correct drain, filter, and heater plugs?
  • Are the drains, pumps, filters, and skimmers clean and functioning properly?
  • Does your pool have a vinyl liner? Make sure to check for any tears in the lining.
  • Are your pool lights working correctly?
  • Have you inspected the ladders, steps, and rails that lead into your pool? Do they have rust on them?
  • Are all electrical components connected and working? Tip: Use silicone lubricant to help prevent rusting on bolts. 
  • Stocked up on safety equipment like a First Aid kit?
  • Do you have life-saving equipment – in good working condition - in close proximity to the pool?


Deep Clean Surrounding Areas

Taking extra precautions to help protect yourself and guests from accidental falls or slips is as important as making sure the water is safe to swim in. Not only is a clean area safe, but it can help create the ultimate relaxation zone for your guests. 

  • Are your walkways or decking in good condition? Are there any loose boards, protruding nails, or surfaces that could be hazardous?
  • If required in your state, is your fence lock working and in good use?
  • Do you have any lounging furniture, such as chairs, tables, or umbrellas? Make sure they are in good condition before your guests use them.

A good tip is to update your outdoor furniture if it is worn out. You can easily create a new look from existing furniture by applying a fresh coat of spray paint or by adding new cushions. Just make sure that there are no screws popping out or sharp edges on your furniture before updating.

Install a “Pool Rules” Sign

To help minimize your liability, hang up a sign stating all of the pool rules. According to inspection regulations, this sign must be kept at the entrance of your pool at all times. These signs should provide information such as diving warnings, shutoff switch labels, sanitation rules, and occupant capacity. Don’t forget to address your state’s required pool signage as well. 

If you are looking for a pool sign for your property, Signs.com has many customizable templates to create your own. 

Take the Plunge – Risk Free!

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