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Revealing the Impact of Roofing on Short-term Rental Insurance

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A crucial aspect of aging homes is the complexity of the roofing system. As time passes, roofs can deteriorate, causing leaks, structural issues and an overall decline in your property's integrity. However, with routine maintenance and the right roofing systems, these aging properties can be revitalized and their functionality preserved.

Weather Elements

Weather exposure can wreak havoc on roofs of any age. Despite the various materials used to construct them, roofs are constantly exposed to various elements, which can weaken structural components and expedite the aging process. They are susceptible to:

  • Heat & cold
  • Snow
  • Hail
  • Sunlight
  • Moisture
  • Vegetation
  • Moss, fungus & algae growth
We’re here to help you reduce risks at your short-term rental. Download our Safety Enhancement Checklist to evaluate the safety of your property.

Risks of Roofing Failures

  • Mold: It can cause irritation to the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Mold has the potential to deteriorate building materials and cause structural damage.
  • Rotting wood: When subjected to weight and pressure, wood that is soft and weak may struggle to maintain stability, ultimately resulting in a complete breakdown and potential structural collapse.
  • Electric system damage: When water from a failed roof contacts an electrical system, it has the potential to pose a fire hazard and disrupt the circuit integrity if the insulation is worn. There also exists the risk of electrocution if an individual touches an electrically charged wet fuse.
  • Foundation problems: Water intrusion from a failed roof can result in significant foundation and structural damage.

Recognizing Issues

Be mindful of the following indicators when evaluating the failure of a roofing system.

  • Evident external damage: Visible deterioration, missing shingles and growths are clear indicators that maintenance or updates are necessary.
  • Ceiling water stains: The presence of discolored, bubbling water spots on the ceiling may indicate a roof leak.
  • Blistering: Roof blisters are raised areas on the roof surface caused by a loss of adhesion. They occur in all types of roofing systems. Failure to monitor and address blistering can result in saturated insulation and damage to the roofing membrane.
  • Displaced gravel: Wind can exert pressure on a roof, causing gravel and ballasted roofs to become displaced.
  • Ponding water: The presence of pooled or ponding water on the roof can indicate that the structural integrity of the roof is inadequate.

Conduct Regular Maintenance & Repairs

Regular roof maintenance and protocol updates are crucial for efficiency and safety. Creating effective maintenance strategies allows you to effectively mitigate potential roofing hazards. It’s essential to allocate funds for the roof’s overall lifecycle as they can be expensive and have varying lifespans. Strategically prepare for expenses related to maintenance, repairs and replacement.

Routine care can prolong the lifespan of older roofs and preserve their structural integrity. This includes:

  • Scheduling biannual inspections (spring, fall)
  • Cleaning to prevent moss, mildew & mold
  • Removing excess debris (e.g., fallen branches, leaves, dirt, sticks)
  • Maintaining effective drainage systems
  • Making minor repairs (e.g., patching holes, sealing cracks) when necessary
  • Utilizing drones to inspect inaccessible areas

Provide Accurate Documentation

Structural damage can lead to major financial losses for your vacation rental business. Maintaining accurate property records is essential for accurate underwriter calculations and preventing inconsistencies. Essential documents include:

  • Inspection reports
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Repair history
  • Warranty information
  • Replacement cost estimates
  • Photos & videos of the condition

We’re Here to Help — CBIZ Vacation Rental Insurance

When assessing the structural integrity of your property’s roofing, the main concern is the age of the roof itself, not the property’s age. In fact, old homes with new roofs have over three times lower loss ratios and loss frequency than older homes with aged roofs. If you do happen to experience an issue with your roof, our team can help with business interruption insurance to protect against revenue loss during repairs. We also provide ongoing risk prevention support, safety initiatives and innovative options.

Connect with a CBIZ Vacation Rental Insurance team member today and request a free quote.

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