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Handling Demanding Guests at Your Vacation Rental Property

How to handle demanding airbnb guests

We have heard about them, we may even know a few, but handling demanding guests can be a difficult and overwhelming task. When listing websites send stress warnings for a 4-star rating, it can be hard not to have some anxiety. Even more, it may have a major impact on where your property lands on the search ranking when a below 5-star rating is left.

Here are a few suggestions on how to handle demanding guests at your short-term property.

Check Guests’ Reviews and Profiles Beforehand

Before accepting the booking, read their reviews! Reading the reviews of your potential guests is equally as important as the reviews about your listing. If there are any major red flags, they are usually easy to spot when scrolling through the reviews hosts have left about the guest. Reading the reviews could save you from someone who is noisy or at least make you more aware of the type of guest you are receiving. If a potential guest has a negative review and you are interested in learning more about it before accepting, you can always reach out and ask them to clarify what happened. Communication helps you learn about your potential guest.

It is always a good time to refresh and spruce up your marketing efforts. If you are looking to attract a different type of guest than what you are currently receiving, check out our blog post here.

Be Transparent and Up-to-Date With Your Listing

One of the biggest reasons guests are dissatisfied is when hosts leave out major details about their property. It is so important to be completely transparent about everything, even if the home next door to your property has major construction going on. The photos in your listing must be accurate and up-to-date. Keep your listing description honest. Providing the necessary information at the beginning of the interaction and being up-front, keeps your business in check. An influx of bookings is great but don’t trick your guests into the booking. Doing so paves the way for a negative review and an unhappy guest.

Many people heavily rely on reviews to determine which property they select. Reach out to previous guests and encourage them to leave you an honest review. If someone happens to leave you a negative comment, respond and answer how their problem or complaint was addressed. Potential guests will feel a sense of relief reading reviews about your space and how you have handled issues.

Have a Rental Agreement

Creating a rental agreement can save you time and stress. They are essentially an outline that states the expectations and responsibilities of the guest and host. It lets guests know what is expected out of them during their stay and rules. It also states what you, the host, are providing for them and holds you accountable for their stay. Overall, a rental agreement can protect you and your guest and provide you with a little more confidence when renting out your short-term property.

Communication is KEY

When things go wrong or there are questions, don’t be a ghost to your guests! Follow up with them at the beginning and end of their stay. Reach out to them several times to make sure everything is okay. Before your guests even arrive, you want to establish that you are a strong communicator and they will be able to reach you if they need anything. Demanding guests will call or email more than the average Joe, however communicating openly with them is an essential part of owning a rental property. 

Design a Thorough Welcome Book for Guests

An important role in providing a seamless stay for your guests is to have a welcome book. Gather all instructions and helpful property information in one book for your guests. Include everything from kitchen rules, contact information, coffee maker instructions, and laundry directions. Go beyond the basic questions people may have and get specific! Refer back to your previous guests and see what questions they had. Could they work your shower? Were they able to change the temperature okay?

You may be able to avoid panicked phone calls or emails from your guests by writing down where everything is and how to use certain appliances. Even though creating a good welcome book will take some time, it’s an essential tool and can reduce many questions. Try looking on sites like Etsy or Pinterest for a downloadable template to help get you started. Once you have made your welcome book, reach out to a friend or another vacation rental host to read through your book to make sure it is easy to understand.

Don’t forget to provide your guests with an emergency point of contact during their stay as well. This contact could be you, a property manager, a neighbor or a reliable friend. Whoever that person may be, they need to be on standby for phone calls and emails. Anything can happen and your guests will not want to wait 24 hours if they can’t figure out how to get the air conditioning to stop running.

Keep Things Squeaky Clean

Deep clean your property after each stay. Never forget that your guests expect the same standard of cleaning or better than what they would receive in a hotel. Check out our cleaning checklist to help streamline your routine.

During each clean, take time to evaluate the condition of your appliances, fixtures, furniture, household goods, technology and WiFi you make available. If the last season left plates or glassware with chips or other damage, replace missing items or start fresh with a new set.

Don’t forget to check your linen supply. You want towels and bedding to feel fresh, not used and dated. It will help guests feel cozier and at home. This is also a good time to stock up on amenities your guests will love you for. Often, the smallest details are the ones most noticed.

Listing sites such as VRBO and Airbnb allow hosts to charge a cleaning fee at their discretion. This money can be used to cover the time and supplies needed to clean the property or for a professional cleaning service. Consider hiring a professional cleaning company to deep clean after each stay or at least have them come out once a month. Cleaning a vacation rental property takes a lot of time and energy to make sure it is done properly.

Your Safest Option – Vacation Rental Insurance

Having insurance is one of the best ways to sleep peacefully at night knowing that you are protected from anything. Anytime you allow someone you don’t know very well into your property, there is always a risk. It’s best to be prepared. Regardless of the occupancy stage of your property, we have an insurance solution for you. Request a free quote today!

This blog may contain scenarios that are provided as examples only. Coverage is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy issued. The information provided is general in nature and may be affected by changes in law or the interpretation of such laws. The reader is advised to contact a professional prior to taking any action based upon this information.

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